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Tapestry - Jane and Steve Gerrity

Jane and Steve met in January 2009 in a theatre in Manchester, England. Steve was a musician, playwright and scenic artist; Jane had gone to watch one of his plays in the theatre and they were introduced after the show. Jane was a poet, musician and artist in her own right and gave Steve one of her business cards. Steve had always wanted to write a musical but producing a successful and compelling musical single handed is extremely difficult which is why the best musicals are always collaborations - Rodgers and Hammerstein, Gilbert and Sullivan, Lloyd Webber and Rice etc. So in June 2009 Steve contacted Jane and asked her to come to his house for a 'jam'.

"I went into the kitchen to make coffee and then I heard singing and guitar coming from my living room," Steve remembers. "I thought: 'Why has Jane put a Joni Mitchell CD on?' When I went back into the room Jane had set up an acoustic amp and microphone and it was her singing and playing guitar, not Joni Mitchell!"

So the collaboration began and a draft was produced for the musical. Steve and Jane went to a recording studio in Manchester to start recording the soundtrack but the more music they played, the more lyrics they wrote, the more time in the studio they spent the whole thing just grew legs and they ended up with a stunning first album, released in October 2010 by Opus Asia Records, entitled 'Once Upon A String'. The musical is still to be finished!

Tapestry's music is a unique and exciting blend of imaginative storytelling, beautiful melodies, stunning vocals, and breath taking musicianship. Besides 'Once Upon A String' Jane and Steve have a collection of part written songs, poems, stories and music all waiting to be worked on. There are at least another four albums worth of stuff in a lever arch file, not to mention new ideas that spring from incidents and experiences at the specific moment. On the first album Jane was 'Jane Moss', but Steve and Jane were married in October 2012 and they spent some time touring and performing in Cumbria and Northern England. 'Watercolour Clouds' was released in June 2017. John O'Dreams released in 2020. Now the time is right to start working on the new albums. 'The Pilgrim and the Poet', 'Storyteller' are currently being written.

About Jane

Jane was brought up in Canada before moving to England, and has been writing her own music since the age of eleven. At just fourteen she performed her first gig playing rhythm guitar in a band called ‘The Void’ at Northwich Memorial Hall, Cheshire. Jane was particularly influenced in her musical style by Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks and Judie Tzuke, though in later years by Enya, Clannad, Sting, Vanessa Carlton and James Taylor. As well as being an adept finger style guitarist Jane has an amazing voice with an incredible vocal range and an ability to sing in a variety of styles as the particular song demands.

About Steve

Steve is a talented multi-instrumentalist and writer from Lancashire. In the early 1980’s he was predominantly writing poetry, plays and sketches for theatre and BBC Radio, but also played guitar and banjo in the folk band ‘The Bolton Tatlers’. In the 1990’s he played guitar, banjo, mandolin and octave mandolin with the Irish band ‘Ballymacmanaman’. When that band finished in 1999 Steve & John Green of Ballymac went out as  duo named Tapestry, playing mostly Irish Trad. John tragically passed away in 2005. Though a fan of folk and trad the music he listened to privately and craved to emulate was that of John Denver, James Taylor, Carole King and Nanci Griffith. Whilst playing guitar in musical theatre he borrowed vocal soloists to perform his own songs with him. Now he has Jane to write, compose, arrange and perform with and Tapestry began again in 2009. On Tapestry's albums Steve plays 6 and 12 string guitars, cittern, banjo and mandolin.