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Tapestry and John Green

In 1999 Steve Gerrity and John Green formed the original duo, Tapestry. They had been part of a five piece band playing

Irish Traditional music and ballads. When the band folded Steve and John continued on their own, playing gigs in England and Ireland. They recorded some of their songs at Lolipop Studios in Manchester and some live during concerts. John passed away tragically in 2005, and Tapestry was put on ice until Jane came along. 2020 marks the 15th anniversary of John's passing so Steve digitally remastered the music he and John had recorded, and added The Sally Gardens, recorded with Jane. One of the most popular songs that Steve and John played was John O'Dreams, John's silky vocals and Steve playing Octave Mandolin. In tribute to John's memory the newly mastered music was released as Tapestry - John O'Dreams.

A feast of beautiful, often raucous, Irish music, John O'Dreams is available now.

John O'Dreams

“Tapestry’s ‘John O’Dreams’ is lovely refined collection of songs and tunes, expertly arranged and played. It will bring pleasure to many.” – John O’Regan, ARC Music, Limerick Community radio

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