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Watercolour Clouds

Album Review by Sean Laffey, IMM Dec 2020

Watercolour Clouds

Opus Asia Records, 11 Tracks, 40 Minutes

This is Jane and Steve Gerrity's second album. First release d in 2017,

it was the result of fan’s requests for covers of well-known songs. It was recorded at Manchester's Lolipop studios with Lol Harris guesting on the piano. Jane sings and plays guitar, Steve shifts between six and twelve string guitars, banjo, mandolin and ten string cittern. The album notes thank Roger Bucknall of Fylde Guitars, and that signature Fylde sound can be heard on many of the tracks.

Jane's voice is perfectly matched to their material, which includes James Taylor's Fire and Rain, Stevie Nicks' Storms and Joni Mitchell's prescient environmental warning Big Yellow Taxi. Jane's voice has a similar timbre and resonance as Joni Mitchell's, and if you are a fan of that brand of singing this will sit very comfortably in your collection.

The couple includes three of their own compositions; Let's Write A Song, Glasgow, and the title track, Watercolour Clouds. Jane has the ability to hold an unwavering note at the end of a phrase, which works perfectly on their own songs; these are deeply personal, touching on tough times and emotional troughs. The title track closes with the phrase, "Seems to me everywhere I turn there's a closed door and it's getting me down". Let's Write A Song benefits from a full drum kit and Glasgow has a country vibe with splashing cymbals and a repeated motif: " We’re all lost and we are trying to find our way home."

The covers predominate, with the Corrs' What Can I Do? Stripped back to vocals and guitar. Tapestry's musical imagination glows on Sting's Walking on the Moon. The final track sums up a generation's love affair with acoustic rock, Eric Clapton's Wonderful Tonight. You can see why their fans requested this album.

Sean Laffey

Irish Music Magazine, December 2020