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10th Anniversary Album

To celebrate ten years of Tapestry we are working on  a new album of all original delightful songs which we know you will love. We are hoping to have this available in March 2021.

As a taster have a sneaky peak at two of our masterpieces below, we know you will want more so we are giving you the cance to get your order in early!

Sample Clip -   LADY IN THE MIST   (click to play)

Sample Clip -   SONG FOR JACK   (click to play)


(You Know You Want To!)

Tapestry CD Album

Once Upon A String

This is the first CD Album by Tapestry recorded in 2010, mostly our original songs. The best stories come from real life and Once Upon A String was born from the realities of being a genuine human with honest heart.

We are often asked what gives us the inspiration for our stories and music. We can't just sit with a notepad and pen and write something. We are inspired by our surroundings, the hills, mountains, lakes, forests and other wonders of Creation. We write as our experiences in life dictate to us. We find melodies at the end of our fingertips as we play our instruments. Sometimes a lyric or a tune just comes to us as we lie in bed. So we think our music is born on a wing and a prayer, and often it begins once upon a string!


Tapestry CD Album

Watercolour Clouds

Whilst performing a concert tour of the English Lake District we played a first set of  songs by some of our favourite artists followed by a second set of our own songs. Fans readily purchased our album Once Upon A String but also wanted to buy an album with some of our cover  songs. So we created an acoustic cover album and this is it! However, whilst we love the artists we cover, we are Tapestry, so it's important to us to introduce our own songs, so we included three brand new compositions. The cover art is based on a view of the Irish Sea from the West Lakes, where the clouds often look like watercolour paintings, so there was only ever going to be one title for this album. So enjoy our versions of classic songs such as Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell, Wonderful tonight by Eric Clapton, Paradise by the late John Prine and our other popular songs from the Folk Rock era, but we know you will be equally delighted with our own original songs on this album.


Tapestry CD Album

John O' Dreams

If you love traditional folk  music then you are going to be blown away with this treasure trove of Irish Trad. This amazing new CD is now available, launched 22nd July 2020.  Sometimes sublime, often raucous, but always with exceptional musicianship, Tapestry breathes fresh life into some well worked tunes. This album, entitled 'John O'Dreams' is dedicated to the memory of our great friend John Green who passed away in 2005. It is a collection of some of our favourite Irish songs, some of them live from when John toured Ireland with Steve in 2002. John & Steve were in the popular Irish band Ballymacmanaman, but when they disbanded John & Steve went out as a duo, named Tapestry. After John's passing Steve tried a host of singers but had to wait until 2009 to meet Jane (then Moss) and Tapestry was reborn. So  this album also featues Jane's sweet as honey vocal rendition of The Sally Garden.


What are we composing now?

We are very excited about our musical ideas for our fourth and fifth albums 'The Pilgrim and The Poet' and  'Storyteller'.

We are writing all new material for these albums, no covers, just our own intriguing, beautiful stories with engaging melodies. The tracks will transport you into a tranquil world of both new and ancient stories about the sea, travel and adventure. Look out for the Lady In The Mist, The Fallen Tree, Fairwinds, the Tower of Tears and Kilimanjaro...

Pre-order via donation

Not only do we compose all our own lyrics & music but we also design the CD Covers, promote our own music, perform live concerts, create and film our own videos. This obviously takes a great deal of time, creative energy and, of course, money. We would really appreciate your sponsorship and donations to help us along our musical journey and to continue to create stunning stories for our fans around the world. We will remember all our donors and sponsors, keep you informed with progress, and of course send you our music when it is released.

If you are interested in sponsoring us please let us know via contact page.

Thank you so much!!!!

All of our Best Wishes to you from Jane & Stephen Gerrity

Click Track to play clip



1. Tapestry Prologue (J. & S. Gerrity)

2. Lady Of Shalott (J. & S. Gerrity)

3. Follow The Sun (J. & S. Gerrity)

4. Walking On The Moon (Sting)

5. Sail Home To Me (J. & S. Gerrity)

6. Jane Eyre (J. & S. Gerrity)

7. Secret Garden (J. & S. Gerrity)

8. Fiery Dragon (J. & S. Gerrity)

9. Summer Storms (J. & S. Gerrity)

10. Once Upon A String (J. & S. Gerrity)